NWO Perspectief: SLING

Sloshing of Liquefied Natural Gas


Sloshing of LNG fuel in fuel tanks and portable tanks. For this project a new facility is being built at MARIN. In the coming years, various studies will be carried out in this new laboratory with PhD students from various universities.


A unique multiphase test facility is being established by the Sloshing of Liquefied Natural Gas (SLING) research project to examine slohing impacts in LNG tanks.

Through the STW ‘Perspective Programme’, a major public-private cooperation named SLING has been created. The SLING consortium comprises the technology foundation STW, four top Dutch universities, representatives from the LNG, shipping and shipbuilding industry, engineering companies and MARIN.

The research requires a multiphase facility, which consists of a controlled environment with multiple test setups installed inside, i.e. a flume tank with a wave maker installed on one end of the flume and an instrumented, transverse wall at the other end and a large and a small flat impactor. The controlled environment consists of a 15 m long x 2.5 m diameter autoclave with observation windows; a gas and liquid supply system; and a heating/cooling system for the autoclave and test setups, facilitating testing in the vicinity of the water-vapour boundary for a large range of temperatures (5°C to 200°C) and pressures (5 mbar to 10 bar).

The test facility will be located at MARIN.


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