Measurement campaigns on board ships and analysing the collected data is one of MARIN's services. The main goal of the FReady JIP (Fleet Ready combination of physical virtual hull structure monitoring) is fleet deployment optimisation and structural integrity management. This is achieved through an efficient, cost effective combination of virtual and physical monitoring.


Within the Valid JIP an efficient hull structure monitoring system has been developed to quantify fatigue life expectations and extreme loads of hull structure and provide input for improving long term structural maintenance decisions. In addition the accuracy of virtual monitoring the hull of a ship was investigated. Physical monitoring is accurate, but sensors and data acquisitioning equipment needs to be installed and maintained. While virtual monitoring of a structure is much less expensive and intrusive, it is also less accurate. When considering a fleet of ships an efficient and cost effective combination of physical and virtual monitoring can be made.
Within the Valid JIPs significant steps on hydrodynamic aspects of the fatigue design assessment have been made. In order to understand and reduce uncertainties on the strength side of this assessment, this aspect also needs thorough addressing and will be considered within the FReady JIP.
The main goal of the FReady JIP is fleet deployment optimisation and structural integrity management through an efficient, low-cost combination of virtual and physical monitoring. Supporting goals of the project are:
  • Continued hull structure data analysis for quantifying uncertainties in ship design and operation
  • Maturing of the low cost, low intrusive virtual monitoring approach
  • Improvement of the strength and resistance assessment for sharper designs and maintenance decisions

The total budget for the FReady JIP is 1 million Euro. The project started April 2022 and will have a duration of three years. The project is supported by an international consortium consisting (so far) of BAE Systems, Bureau Veritas, DAMEN, DRDC, DST, Dutch Ministry of Defense, TNO, TU Delft, USCG and MARIN.


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Ingo Drummen

Teamleader Hydro-Structural Services

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