dynfloat 2


The aim of this JIP is to modernize the software DYNFLOAT both on the GUI’s side and on the numerical side.


DYNFLOAT's main functionality is to check the performance of a mooring system through simulations. The software SHUTTLE offers the possibility to simulate the offloading of a shuttle vessel to a moored-vessel. SHUTTLE is delivered with a material database which can be used to define segments of the anchor line. For the time being, SHUTTLE uses only a quasi-static approach to model the mooring system of the anchored-vessel. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the database and the numerical model to include the dynamic properties of the anchor-line.


The Dynfloat 2 JIP proposes to build new software that will embrace the functionality of SHUTTLE as well as the functionality of DYNFLOAT. The JIP aims to modernize DYNFLOAT both on the GUI’s side and on the numerical side. The GUI will also be furnished with more interactive pre-processing functions which enables to check the design of a mooring line and the design of the whole mooring system in the same extent that DYNFLOAT does.


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