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In view of the Corona developments MARIN cancelled the informative web meeting of March 17. Instead we recorded a shortened version of our ZERO JIP webinar:

In about 22 minutes we show you, as possible future participant, the highlights of the ZERO initiative. We used the input many of you provided in the first version of the ZERO project plan which we shared with all registered people. We also shared a Letter of Intent for those who would like to be invited for our follow-up session, which we intend to plan in June.

In case you did not register already, you can still do so and we will include you in our mailing list.


zero jip

In the ZERO JIP we will design, build and test a prototype Engine Room of the Future to assure reliable future operations in realistic conditions.

The energy transition and decarbonisation of the maritime sector is well underway. New (IMO and other) regulations will transform ship propulsion to carbon neutral and ultimately zero emission operations. This creates business opportunities, but is also very challenging. It raises many questions and uncertainties. Given the relatively long life cycle of ships, upcoming choices for ship owners, shipyards and naval architects are difficult to make. What will be the fuels of the next decade, how energy will be stored on board, distributed and managed, which power system will impose itself and fulfil the ambitions, which bunkering will be available in most harbours?

MARIN is proposing the ZERO JIP to prepare ourselves as maritime sector for these challenges together.