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Webinar Ship Power and Energy Concepts

This online webinar will introduce the SPEC tool: Ship Power and Energy Concepts. This tool supports the selection process of future energy carrier and power systems, the so-called 'solutions'. Although information on such systems is widely available, it is difficult to get a clear overview of all present developments. By means of a systematic approach, SPEC can compare any solutions for a specific ship design. And by taking the ship’s main objective as starting point, such as payload and endurance, a study of solutions can be performed. System volume, mass, emissions, technical readiness levels, financial parameters are considered within such an analysis.

If you are involved in ship design and operation, and wonder which solutions are being developed at this very moment, and how suitable they are for your ship(s), this webinar will be of particular interest to you.


Online (13.00-14.00)


22 Feb 2021

Demo | Q&A

During the SPEC webinar we will explain why we developed the SPEC tool and which metrics we are using, and we will give a demonstration through an example analysis. A Q&A session will give you the
opportunity to find out more and even ask questions to the SPEC developers.