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WASP webinar & WiSP workshop

Collective input is needed to come to a clear, joint strategy on wind propulsion performance, and rules and regulations. That is why ABS, the International Windship Association (IWSA) and MARIN invite you to join the WASP webinar and WiSP workshop on April 22, 2021. All interested parties (in addition to participants) can join both or just one of the two events.

For more information contact Patrick Hooijmans,

The WASP webinar, moderated by Craig Eason, will bring together the work package leaders from the WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) project to discuss the project aims and objectives, talk about the challenges and successes to date and detail the pathway forward for the project and wind-assist propulsion in general. See also

The Joint Industry Project WiSP (Wind assisted Ship Propulsion) was recently finished. We will present the results showing substantial progress towards better standards for performance predictions for wind propulsion as well as better rules and regulations. During the WiSP workshop we will discuss required future developments. See also


WASP webinar
WiSP workshop


Time (CET)
11.00 Opening and WASP Project overview
11.15 Work Package presentations
  • Engineering
  • Viable Business & Policy
  • Operations & Performance
11.40 Panel discussion
12.10 Q&A
12.30 Break
13:30 Opening and WiSP Project overview
14:10 WiSP workshop on performance predictions (MARIN)
15:00 WiSP workshop on rules & regulations (ABS)
16:00 Closing




22 Apr 2021