Innovation Seminar

Join the Innovation Seminar on October 5 and discuss how MARIN can help accelerate the development of your floating innovation.

Learn to fail fast if you want to succeed sooner (David Kelly, Stanford University)

Can we create a learning environment in our facilities to explore new floating technology more productively? This seminar puts the spotlight on the unique combination of interactive workshops, explorative model tests and simulator studies for the purpose of accelerating the development of your innovation.


09:00-15.00 | Seminar at Hotel De Wageningsche Berg
15:00-17.00 | Model test workshop & drinks at MARIN

Complete programme | We have put together an interesting program together with innovation departments of large Dutch companies, startups and scale-ups. Several innovative projects will be presented by MARIN experts and guest speakers to discuss the challenges and the role that MARIN plays now and in the future. We will conclude the seminar with a workshop including an interactive model test in one of MARIN's test facilities.


Register for this free seminar and workshop before October 1. The seminar will be conducted in English, the workshop will be held in Dutch. Questions?


Seminar: Hotel De Wageninsche Berg, Generaaal Foulkesweg 96, Wageningen
Workshop: MARIN, Haagsteeg 2, Wageningen

Price (PP)

Participation is free of charge


5 okt. 2022
MARIN Innovation Seminar