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FLARE webinar on Flooding Risk Response

The FLARE project is organizing a series of webinars to inform you on the progress of the project. The first of these webinars is scheduled online on 25th November from 10 to 13:30.

Flooding Risk Reponse

Existing SOLAS damage stability regulations are based on a probabilistic distribution of damage characteristics that originate from pooled analysis of past historical data of collision accidents across the total fleet of cargo and passenger ships. The analysis of more recent data of collision, grounding and side damages of passenger ships show that the risk of grounding and side damages for the passenger ships fleet at risk is not sufficiently addressed in present deterministic SOLAS regulations. The lack of harmonization between regulations and the applied probabilistic framework for collision - and grounding/side damage - related survivability could be satisfactorily addressed within the context of a “non-zonal approach” to the definition of the probable accident damages. Notwithstanding this, existing models ignore the influence of the ship structure’s crashworthiness on damage stability.

Recently the FLARE consortium reviewed a range of potential applications of crashworthiness analysis for damage ship stability and reviewed their use for improved safety in design and operations. The purpose of this workshop will be to briefly review current state of the art in the probabilistic approach to the damage stability of passenger ships and to outline the perspective to introduce crashworthiness parameters in the short to medium term to SOLAS by application of advanced first principles methods within the context of alternative design (MSC/Cric.1455).


25 Nov 2021