CRS Open Meeting

This meeting is organised to generate topics for potential research projects. New project proposals will be made for a selected set of research topics which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting. The Open Meeting 2024 will take place on June 19 en 20 in Glasgow.



200SVS, Conference centre 200 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, UK


19 Jun 2024- 20 Jun 2024


The CRS organisation is simple and effective. Members have equal rights to bring forward ideas, write proposals, vote for new projects and participate at various levels in working groups.

In June the members discuss the technical progress in the working groups and ideas for new projects at the Open Meeting. At the Annual general Meeting in December, the proposals for new projects are presented and the members decide by a democratic voting which projects can start in the next year.

A Steering Group consisting of rotating members monitors the overall progress of work, stimulates discussions and proposes the long term course – in the end, the members decide. Logistics and archiving of reports are handled by the secretariat.