STRATEGY 2022-2025

Beyond the horizon

‘Better Ships, Blue Oceans’. Under this motto we selected a new course with a more clearly delineated mission for our 2018-2021 strategy: to make ships cleaner, smarter and safer and to contribute to sustainable use of the seas. More than 70 percent of the surface of our blue planet is covered with water. The Netherlands lies on a river delta and is inextricably linked to the sea. The Dutch discovered the world by voyaging across the oceans and Rotterdam continues to be the largest port in Europe. Ninety percent of all goods are transported by sea. Dutch innovations sail and operate on and in the world’s oceans. Water also provides new sources of energy, raw materials and food. Floating solutions offer space at a time of rising sea levels and overpopulated cities. To achieve all this we need to understand, use and protect the seas better and combine economics with ecology.

That is why our motto is ‘Better Ships, Blue Oceans’. ‘Better Ships’: our expertise is only really relevant if it results in improved ships that are cleaner, smarter and safer. Our predictions don’t need to be precise so much as accurate. Targeted. A solution to the problem. ‘Blue Oceans’: we want to contribute to sustainability, to the future of our blue planet. We want to combine social and economic challenges and be relevant to the maritime sector, government and society. We are focusing on new sustainable developments, such as ‘Renewables’ and ‘Life at Sea’. Social challenges and economic opportunities intersect here and generate ‘Blue Growth’.


We have refined our mission, shortened it, prioritised maritime operations and stressed the essential role played by our colleagues:
MARIN stands for clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable use of the seas. We do this in our capacity as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government and society. We offer integral solutions, from concept development and design to operation. In developing, applying and sharing our expertise we stimulate innovation and global cooperation. Our strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our employees.
Our vision of the future therefore continues to be free, safe and clean seas. With zero-emission ships, solutions for sustainable energy and food at sea, safe ships for the crew, cargo and environment, smart digital ships and an innovative infrastructure.


In this strategy we have adopted nine challenging perspectives for the future of the maritime sector and of MARIN.
MARIN Strategie