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Human Factors Demo Day

The i3B Special Interest Group Human Factors organises a Demo Day to demonstrate existing HF-monitoring techniques as well as discussing HF-monitoring challenges.

On November 21st, 2019, the members of the i3B Special Interest Group Human Factors (SIG HF) organise a Demo Day. During this event we will demonstrate existing HF-monitoring techniques and the discuss HF-monitoring challenges we would like to tackle in collaboration with you.

The i3B SIG HF focuses on measuring the human-in-operation, in other words: measuring the operator/human-in-the-loop of an operational system (i.e. Pilots, Captains, Truck Drivers, Control Room Operators et cetera). The purpose of these measurements is to determine the instantaneous cognitive state of the operator. The SIG members (Thales, NLR, TNO, Utrecht University, Donders Institute, TMSi, Artinis, Noldus IT and MARIN) collaboratively work on the challenges as explained in the i3B White paper ‘Measuring the Cognitive Human’.

The Human Factors Demo Day is organised in order to demonstrate:
  • the importance of measuring human-system interaction and opereator performance
  • existing monitoring solutions in a high fidelity maritime simulator
  • state-of-the-art technology for monitoring human performance.
Speakers from various domains (Maritime, Aerospace, Defence) will share their knowledge and experiences. You can also visit various high-tech demonstration booths and get in touch with specialists. And of course we will discuss togehter the challenges and ‘hot topics’ regarding Human Factors, in order to explore a collaborative approach in tackling these challenges together.

Please find below the program for this event. Places are limited, so don’t hesitate and to register today.


21 Nov 2019


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