Fast Small Ship Simulator


MARIN's Fast Small Ship Simulator was originally built by MARIN and partners Cruden and TreeC under a DMO project as catalyst for the development of this prototype. The main goal of this project was to provide a safe and accurate environment for the training of drivers and navigators of RHIBs.

The Fast Small Ship Simulator provides a safe and accurate environment for training drivers and navigators of high-speed craft (HSC) both for naval and civil operations. On request, the FSSS can be modified to perform simulations on any high-speed vessel or operation.

The motion platform is outfitted with an exact representation of the control console of the actual HSC used by the Royal Netherlands Navy, including steering wheel, engine controls, ECDIS, VHF radio and a GPS system. Even the seats of the driver and the navigator are exact copies of the actual seats.

Today the FSSS is used for crew training & assessment on seakeeping operations both for naval and civil ops, impact forces dealing with slamming, broaching & surfing, to experience impacts on a 6DOF motion base, and for training anti-drugs, anti-terror and boarding operations.


Contact person photo

Dimitri van Heel

Senior Project Manager/Teamleider

Bouncing over the waves at a speed of 43 knots, the director of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Vice Admiral Arie Jan de Waard, together with MARIN director Bas Buchner, made the first test voyage on the moving ‘Fast Small Ship Simulator’.