WiSP2 Joint Industry Project launched!

Jul 19, 2021
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WiSP2 Joint Industry Project has been launched! Our purpose is to stimulate adoption of WASP in the maritime industry. Increase confidence in wind propulsion systems and simplify compliance to rules and regulations within EEDI and EEXI. Determine the fuel savings and emission reductions ship owners can achieve with wind propulsion to make deliberate investment decisions. Many questions have to be answered to accomplish these objectives. Participants can bring in their own cases for investigation to connect to real operations.

For more information have a look at or contact Patrick Hooijmans.

open for participation

The project is still open for additional participants. Enjoy early bird rates until August 1st.

Over 18 companies already joined: ABS, CSSRC, DSIC, Norsepower, Anemoi, CWS, Ayro, Dealfeng, Magnuss, BV, Blue wasp, Marshall, IWSA, Azolla, D-ICE, Econowind, Wartsila, Wallenius, Vale and
Wisp2 JIP