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On parametric roll predictions

Jun 10, 2019

Experiments have been carried out with a model of the KCS container vessel. The model tests focussed on three out of five stability failure modes of ...
Tackling the challenge of hydro-structural response

Jun 1, 2019

Reading time 9 minutes

Evaluating the wave induced, structural response is of fundamental importance in the process of the design verification of a ship’s structural ...
Towards Accurate Computations of Active Stabiliser Fins, focusing on Dynamic Stall

Jun 13, 2016

Steps towards accurate and efficient characterisation of the hydrodynamic behaviour of active stabiliser fins have been conducted using ...
CRS projects examine the impact of waves

Dec 8, 2015

Reading time 3 minutes

Wave impacts on ships have been studied for many years, but have not yet resulted in practical prediction methods. Such methods are required to ...
Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Stall, with Application to Stabilizer Fins of Ships

Sep 28, 2015

The objective of this current work is to simulate the flow conditions seen at model scale experiments, Re = 65,000 for moving airfoils, to ...
Seakeeping studies throughout the decades

Nov 1, 2004

Reading time 6 minutes

Throughout its existence the CRS community has devoted considerable attention to the effects of waves on the ship. Report touches on some of the ...
Concern rises with Dongedijk re-investigated

Sep 1, 2003

Reading time 3 minutes

Following an investigation into the container feeder 'Dongedijk' which capsized in 2000, recent research carried out by Delft University of ...