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Arno Bons

Senior Project Manager

Estimating parameter and discretization uncertainties using a laminar–turbulent transition model

Nov 15, 2021

For computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations at intermediate Reynolds numbers, laminar-to-turbulenttransition plays an important role in the ...
Screening wave conditions for the occurrence of green water events on sailing ships

Aug 15, 2021

Design loads for extreme wave events on ships, such as slamming and green water, are hard to define. These events depend on details in the incoming ...
Ship Hydrodynamics Knowhow derived from Computational Tools - Some Examples

Jun 2, 2021

This paper discusses how the use of today’s computational tools can lead to a quick advance of the field of ship hydrodynamics, by answering long ...
WiSP2 JIP still open for participation

Sep 17, 2021

Reading time 2 minutes

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of research on wind-assisted ship propulsion. After a very successful first WiSP JIP, the follow-up ...
New JIP on Foil Design

Sep 17, 2021

Reading time 1 minute

Hydrofoil technology has been known for decades and mostly focused on the performance of hydrofoils in steady state conditions. However, there is ...
Have a look at our vacancies, welcome on board!

Sep 17, 2021

Reading time 2 minutes

Are you open to new technology and innovative solutions? Efficient in translating ideas into research plans and motivated in helping the maritime ...