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Media policy

To avoid misinterpretation or concerning incorrectnesses, MARIN pursues the following media policy.

  • MARIN requires inspection of the questions before an interview takes place (by telephone).
  • MARIN is willing to participate in live interviews on the condition that a pre-interview has taken place.
  • MARIN reserves the right on approval and rectification, to make modifications if actual incorrectnesses or unjust views are found or if the wrong conclusions have been drawn.
  • Publication of an article or use of material is only permitted after the consent (in writing or by e-mail) by your contact person at MARIN.
  • MARIN receives a proof copy if the information has been used in a piece of writing or an edited video.
  • MARIN reserves the right to use the published or edited material without prior permission, unless agreed upon otherwise.


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Ellen te Winkel

Communications Advisor

Andre van der Lugt

Manager Communicatie

Lifeling Learning: the Dutch perspective on the role of simulators in maritime education and training

Oct 12, 2021

Over the past 25 years, the role of simulators has increased dramatically within Dutch Maritime Education and Training (MET) in parallel with new ...
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Oct 8, 2021

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MARIN Report magazine has been keeping our customers and partners informed since 1979 and we have published more than 130 editions. Now we feel it’s ...
Report Magazine 132: Read now and register to receive future editions

Oct 1, 2021

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MARIN Report is our corporate magazine. The magazine focusses on recent projects and keeps readers informed of the latest research. MARIN Report is ...

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