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MARIN secures award for US supply chain study

Jan 28, 2021
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MARIN is pleased to announce that its Houston-based subsidiary, MARIN-USA, has received notice of an award from the National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium (NOWRDC), under its latest solicitation to address “critical topics identified by industry to advance offshore wind development and the development of a US supply chain to support the industry.” For this award, MARIN-USA has teamed with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) that is also based in Houston, and Saint James Marine LLC, which is based in Atlanta, GA. The team’s purpose will be to study the Comparative Operability of Floating Feeder Solutions that are proposed to be used in the construction of offshore wind farms on the NE Atlantic coast of the United States.

MARIN-USA will use its industry-proven and globally-recognized expertise to objectively evaluate the relative performance of various feeder solutions currently being considered by or proposed to US-based offshore wind developers. ABS will provide peer review and verification of methods used in the study and will use the study’s results as the basis for a publicly-releasable consensus-based guidance document for floating feeder solutions across the offshore wind industry. Saint James Marine will be providing subject matter expertise and interface management, as well as coordinating the participation of numerous stakeholders from across the industry including developers, OEM’s, feeder solution designers, installation vessel owners and EPCI contractors.

Interested? Contact Arjan Voogt for more information.