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World Maritime Rescue Congress

MARIN will participate in the World Maritime Rescue Congress onboard the SS Rotterdam in 2023. The theme for WMRC 2023 will be 'Towards sustainable maritime SAR – building on our history to secure our future' which we support by being present as speaker and exhibitor.

Visit us at the exhibition stand #14 or meet us during the congress where MARIN will be giving two presentaionss during the Future Technology #3 session on Monday June 19, 3:30-4:30 PM. For more information or to plan a meeting contact Pepijn de Jong.

Selecting the right SAR boat by combining model tests with a simulator | Eelco Harmsen and Martijn Schipper
MARIN supports the KNRM in the development of their new SAR boat, by assessing the hydrodynamic performance of design alternatives and a comparison with their existing boats. The assessment focuses on the boat behavior and handling in challenging wave conditions, to ensure that the crews can safely operate at sea with the best possible boat design. The assessment employs a combination of advanced time-domain desktop simulations and free running model tests with remotely operated models in MARIN’s Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin.

Given the complex and diverse nature of SAR operations, traditional seakeeping and manoeuvring criteria are of limited value to judge the boat performance. Therefore an alternative approach is taken, to link to link the theoretical simulation and model test outcomes to the ability of an experienced KNRM helmsman to sail these crafts safely under realistic operational conditions. In this approach, the simulation and test data will be used to generate simulation models for MARIN’s Fast Small Ship Simulator (FSSS). On this simulator, the KNRM operators can experience and compare the various boat designs in simulated realistic operational scenario’s, supporting the operators in the selection of the best performing design, accounting for the ship hydrodynamic performance under operational conditions and associated human factors. Other crew-centered aspects, such as wheel house layout and lines of sight, can be assessed at the same time.

MARIN's new Seven Oceans Simulation centre: safe operations and crew centred ship design | Hugo Ammerlaan and Arno Bons
In 2022 MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) started building its new Seven Oceans Simulator centre (SOSc). It will be a digital and virtual workspace to stimulate new developments in the maritime sector. Digital twinning allows the engineers and crews together to experience and improve ships in operational conditions before they are built. The role of the crew and interaction are central.
The objective is: ‘Making maritime operations safer and more efficient through the most realistic simulation of the behaviour of and the interactions between maritime structures, the environment and people’. The simulation models, using high-end physics, are validated through model test results, CFD calculations and full-scale data. This provides a very strong hydrodynamic basis for the MARIN simulators. Construction will be completed by November 2023 and SOSc will be operational by May 2024.

The safe performance of SAR operations requires a capable, well-trained and prepared crew as well as a ship designed for the crew and its operations. The new state-of-the-art simulator facility SOSc will not only be used for training complex maritime operations and situations and for research studies but also for testing innovations and new technology. To optimise a team’s performance during an operation, the new simulator centre can monitor performance and workload of participants and their interaction when executing the operation. Simulating complex and challenging situations at sea and the response of man and machine to them provides valuable information which makes shipping safer and smarter. Examples are the implementation of motion in simulations, the application of virtual reality, operational advice tools and the testing of alternative propulsion methods and monitoring of autonomous ships.
MARIN is able to improve both current and future SAR operations through offering integrated simulations of SAR operations, high fidelity evaluations and experiencing new rescue vessel designs and learning/teaching safely operating rescue vessels


SS Rotterdam, the Netherlands


18 Jun 2023- 20 Jun 2023
WMRC 2023