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CRS Webinar Structural Monitoring

The CRS iSHIP working group aims at increased safety combined with lower ownership costs. This can be achieved by improving platform management and maintenance practices with improved assessment methods, understanding the influence of the operator’s choices and informing future designs. Specifically, iSHIP has developed virtual hull monitoring techniques enabling automated structural assessment without additional instrumentation.

programme, June 8, 16:00-18:00

Operational Profiles for Various Classes of Ships
Eivind Ruth, DNV

Calculating Stresses Beyond Instrumentation
Alexis Benhamou, Bureau Veritas

Ocean Waves in ERA5 Hindcast Data
Jean Bidlot, ECMWF

Cooperative Research Ships

The Cooperative Research Ships is a unique community of 24 maritime organizations working together in real Public-Private Partnership. CRS started in 1969 with the intention to obtain general data about the hydrodynamics and related problems of large and high-powered ships. Today the research carried out by the CRS focusses on hydrodynamics, structural and related problems of all kind of ship types from a fundamental, design and operational perspective.

The CRS SHARE webinars are a unique opportunity to learn more about typical research conducted in our working groups. For more information about CRS: |