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CRS Webinar Propeller optimization

The Propagate II working group focusses on the application of multi-fidelity propeller optimization using RANS and BEM methods. The framework, goals and constraints developed in Propagate I are applied to actual design cases from industry. This webinar will focus on the BEM method as applied to day-to-day design and which has been extensively used to design the new Wageningen F-series propellers.

programme, June 8, 13:30-15:30

Industrial Example or PropArt Optimization Framework
Tomi Veikonheimo, ABB and Olof Klerebrant Klasson, Berg Propulsion

MARIN F-Series Development | Evert-Jan Foeth, MARIN

Optimization of Marine Propulsors: a Design Paradigm
Stefano Gaggero, University of Genoa

Cooperative Research Ships

The Cooperative Research Ships is a unique community of 24 maritime organizations working together in real Public-Private Partnership. CRS started in 1969 with the intention to obtain general data about the hydrodynamics and related problems of large and high-powered ships. Today the research carried out by the CRS focusses on hydrodynamics, structural and related problems of all kind of ship types from a fundamental, design and operational perspective.

The CRS SHARE webinars are a unique opportunity to learn more about typical research conducted in our working groups. For more information about CRS: |