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Multiphase 2022

MARIN is co-organising Multiphase 2022, the 19th International Workshop on Trends in Numerical and Physical Modeling for Industrial Multiphase Flows. Multiphase 2022 will take place in Wageningen, the Netherlands on September 21-23, 2022. Venue will be the WICC Hotel.


The programme and abstractss book for Multiphase 2022 is available and includes 30+ presentations within 9 sessions:
  • A new way for sloshing model tests
  • Various numerical models for for various multiphase flows
  • Bubble collapse
  • IMBOL project (Impact of Boiling Liquid)
  • Sloshing in wings
  • Wave impact tests in MARIN's facilities
  • Wave loads
  • Simulation of breaking waves
  • Phosphates

Multiphase flow phenomena are ubiquitous in many fields of industry. They can be found in traditional fields of chemical, nuclear and oil industries but also in emerging fields of the green industry. Multiphase flow encompasses a number of subjects, from the nearly homogeneous flow, as developed in long transport lines of gas-liquid-solid mixtures or in short in-plant circuits, to completely separated flows, as in the case of nuclear or gas fluidized reactors. Furthermore, the scientific knowledge behind multiphase flow technology spans different disciplines such as fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, equipment design, surface thermodynamics, sprays, etc.


Industrial multiphase flows | Process Simulation Engineering (including Phosphoric) | Shallow water hydraulics | Free surface flows | Sloshing of liquids in tanks, ventilated flows and cavitating flows | Hydraulic transients in pipes | Marine renewable energy | Complex Flows Transport | Environmental impacts | Waste water recycling and reuse | Desalination of brackish and seawater | Cavitation-induced vibrations and radiated noise

Venue & hotel

Venue is the WICC Hotel. Use the special discount codes for booking a room:
Booking code single room: 225962
Booking code twin room: 491339


Registration is closed.
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Hotel WICC | Wageningen | the Netherlands

Price (PP)

€ 300 including lunches and gala diner


21 Sep 2022- 23 Sep 2022