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BlueWeek & FPSO JIP WEEK 2021


Bringing sustainable energy into production, storage, power and motion

The maritime industry will come together again in 2021, with the BlueWeek and FPSO JIP Week set to be held between May 31-June 4.
All activities will be live streamed to reach out to you wherever you are on our blue planet. The seminars and the Forum on Wednesday will be open to the public, (following free registration), while JIP meetings will be open to members only.

We need actions today if we are to build a strong foundation for the future. Taking decisions with long-term consequences and making choices in the short-term are not easy. So sharing experience and knowledge is the best possible way forward. By organising such an event, we want to help the maritime sector gain confidence, mitigate doubts, be inspired, innovative, dare to try, fail and try again, think, rethink, design and engineer operations with alternative sustainable solutions.

Since it is not yet possible to organise an on-site option in Rotterdam/the Netherlands, the event will be fully online. For this reason, and to reach as many stakeholders as possible, we have decided to turn it into a free event. So join us between May 31-June 4 to power the future with fresh ideas!

Free registration and the full programme is available on & Meanwhile for questions contact




May 31, 2021- Jun 4, 2021