VTS Simulators
General information
The VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) simulator was built in 1998 and upgraded in 2003, 2006 and in 2009. The simulator is used for training sessions for all Dutch (inland and sea) VTS operators as well as Dutch pilots. The simulator fully complies and even exceeds the international standards set by IALA and is certified by the Dutch Ministry of Transport.

VTS simulator
The MSCN VTS simulator is designed to train personnel in handling shore-based ship radio communication services as well as using radar and communication equipment by means of a computer simulation system. The simulator consists of six stations for the instructors/ship-operators, six stations for trainees, one debriefing station and a preparation station. The stations for instructor/ ship operators and trainees are fitted with radar and communication equipment. Remote Pilotage training can also be conducted.

To obtain a realistic training environment, geographical maps and environmental data may be entered into the training database. A comprehensive list of possible ships allows instructors to use ships that often sail in a particular region. Training sessions are based on prepared scenarios which are fully interactive. The radar and communication equipment is similar to the equipment the trainee will encounter in reality. Further information on the VTS simulator can be found in the capability statement.

Some tools are available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of these tools for sale can be found under Sales.

For more information about the VTS simulator or specific VTS training, please contact the MSCN Department.
For more information about VTS simulator sales, please contact the MSG Department.

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