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Bollard Pull JIP 31 participants Bollard Pull JIP 31 participants

ALP recently joined the Bollard Pull Joint Industry Project, the JIP now counts 31 participants. The project has been running for a year. Model testing has already been done in MARIN's Offshore Basin, full-scale trials will be conducted. New particiapants are still welcome to join.


Participants welcome to join Moonpool-2 JIP!
Moonpool-2 aims to investigate the water oscillations occurring in the moonpool during transit and operations in waves. The objectives are to understand the dynamics of wave flows and loading in moonpools during transit and operations in waves, and to assess the effect of moonpool damping devices…
Validation of CFD for a deterministic breaking wave impact on a semi submersible
To have sufficient confidence in the accuracy of CFD simulations in the challenging field of extreme wave impacts, it is essential that a proper verification and validation study of CFD tools is performed. In this paper, the ComFLOW and ReFRESCO tool are being considered.
Influence of grid setup on the prediction of hydrofoil cavitation
This paper evaluates the effect of two different grid types when they are used to simulate cavitating flow using an unsteady Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) solver.