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MARIN Report 115: a close look at CFD MARIN Report 115: a close look at CFD

In this issue of MARIN Report we take a close look at CFD. In this field huge steps have made and it is clear that CFD will be a major tool for the future design of ships and offshore structures.

MARIN has been investing quite a lot in CFD, both in software and hardware, which we share with you in this Report. Furthermore we interview Oskar van Straten, an engineer from Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, about the impact of CFD and the long-lasting relationship with MARIN. And we give an update on the refinement and application of several CFD codes used within our various projects.

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Coöperatief zonne-energieproject op dak MARIN
Vandaag ondertekenden MARIN en Co√∂peratie Wageningen op Zon de overeenkomst tot realisatie van een collectief zonne-energiesysteem op het grote dak van de diepwatertank van het Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland (MARIN). MARIN stelt het dak van de maritieme testfaciliteit gratis ter beschikking…
Classifying ship encounters to monitor traffic safety on the North Sea from AIS data
In studies for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, MARIN has developed methods to classify ship encounters on the North Sea from AIS data. This paper discusses the methods to classify encounters, and the results of the comparison of the route structures. The results show a…
On the calculation of the flow around 2-D square cylinder with rounded corners
This paper presents the calculation of the flow around a square cylinder with rounded-corners assuming two-dimensional and incompressible flow. The selected mathematical model is the Reynolds-Averaged (ensemble averaged) Navier-Stokes equations supplemented by the two-equation k-omega SST…