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MARIN Report magazine on Measurements and Visualisation MARIN Report magazine on Measurements and Visualisation

The latest issue of our MARIN Report magazine is focussing on Measurements and Visualisation.

Measurements are close to the heart of our activities: without measurements we cannot research nor advise. This is true now, but it will also be like this in the future. We are definitely in a transition, gradually replacing more simple model tests with computational methods such as CFD. Future model tests will therefore focus on the complex issues. It is exactly this development that requires an emphasis on the complexity, detail and accuracy of our measurements.

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Ship resistance prediction: verification and validation exercise on unstructured grids
In the study presented, an attempt at quantifying the numerical uncertainty of the resistance for the combination of the RANS Solver ReFRESCO [1] with grids generated using the commercial
package Hexpress is made. The studied case is the flow around the bare-hull KVLCC2 at model scale Reynolds…
On The design of block preconditioners for maritime engineering
In the quest for better iterative convergence of CFD simulations, we consider the design of iterative methods for the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations, discretized by finite-volume methods with cell-centered, co-located variables.
MARIN tests first floating mega island
This week MARIN (Maritime Research Institute) tested an innovative concept for a floating mega island. As sea level rises, cities become overcrowded and more activities are carried out at sea, raising the dikes and reclaiming land from the seas are perhaps no longer an effective solution. An…