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Accurate calculation models for manoeuvring simulations Accurate calculation models for manoeuvring simulations

Wave impacts on ships have been studied for many years, but have not yet resulted in practical prediction methods. Such methods are required to study fatigue loads on the structure. Additionally, extreme loads can be affected by the dynamic load of the wave impact.


Viscous free-surface power predictions for self-propulsion using a hybrid RANS-BEM coupling procedure
This paper presents computational results of the flow around the Japanese Bulk Carrier (JBC). All requested cases of the Tokyo Workshop 2015 were completed. The overall agreement with the experiments for all cases is judged to be good. The experimentally obtained power reduction of 6.0% due to the…
Specialist course for EEDI Verifiers, June 20-24
This course will help make participants fully conversant with ship propulsion theory, design practice, resistance and propulsion model tests, extrapolation procedures and coefficients, as well as the conduct and analysis of speed/power trials within the EEDI framework.
Open Day / Open Dag MARIN, October 29
On Saturday October 29 from 09.30 until 17.00 hrs MARIN is ready to introduce you to the world of model tests and geometry in shipping industry. Throughout the day interactive demonstrations will be given in all testing facilities.