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LEGO® wind and waves at MARIN LEGO® wind and waves at MARIN

Plenty of LEGO® trains and planes have been made in the world but MARIN decided to make some LEGO® wind and waves instead! Gerrit-Jan van der Ziel, a MARIN strain gage application engineer in daily life, used more than 2500 LEGO® bricks to build the MARIN Offshore Basin at a scale of 40:1.


DP thrusters - Understanding dynamic loads and preventing mechanical damages
In order to give insight in the failures with respect to the external loads on the drives of thrusters, MARIN has been studying the hydrodynamic loads on mechanical azimuthing thrusters in the past decades. In this paper descriptions are given of test set-ups, used transducers, scaling laws and…
Record number of visitors at open day
Last Saturday November 8 a record number of 5500 visitors were introduced to the world of model testing and hydrodynamics during the MARIN open day.

Throughout the day interactive demonstrations were given at the testing facilities in Wageningen. Most basins were open to visitors, who got a…
CRS meets in Wageningen, December 1-5
From December 1-5 the CRS (Cooperative Research Ships) will meet again in Wageningen, for orking Group meetings, Steering Group Meetings and the Annual General Meeting.