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Office tool aNySIM integrated into real-time onboard software Office tool aNySIM integrated into real-time onboard software

Following the successful implementation of fatigue design tools for onboard Advisory Hull Monitoring Systems (AHMS), mooring simulation software aNySIM is being integrated into an onboard fatigue tool for the integrity management of mooring lines.


Frequency of spill model for area risk assessment of ship-source oil spills in Canadian waters
The purpose of this paper is to describe the SAMSON model that was used within Area Risk Assessment methodology, developed for Transport Canada, to determine the Frequency of Spill for four pilot areas in Canadian waters.
Putting a new spin on propeller design
With regard to propeller design MARIN focuses on the best possible compromise between the propulsive efficiency and cavitation nuisance, and how further improvements can be made.
SSSRI-MARIN seminar, May 18, 2018, Shanghai
Join the SSSRI-MARIN Seminar in Shanghai on May 18 where experts from SSSRI, MARIN and the industry will discuss the latest developments and design strategies.