Motor yachts
General information
There is a large variety of motoryachts. Varying from ‘small’ motoryachts produced in series to the so called MegaYachts from 35 to 80+ meters. The Netherlands is internationally recognized in the area of (Mega) Yacht building. MARIN has a large track record in the development and optimisation of Motor Yachts. The building of large luxurious motor yachts is very similar to the building of commercial ships, but with more emphasis on the finish, onboard comfort, detials and wishes of their owner.

Services & Activities
MARIN is involved in the development of the hull design, the power optimisation and the cavitation, noise erosion observation. Special interest is payed to items like transit fuel actieradius, top speed, noise and vibrations and the alignment of appendages.

Comfort is an important issue on board motor yachts. The behaviour of the yacht in waves and when the yacht is at anchor determines to a large extent the comfort level of crew and owner. The seakeeping performance, the motions and the loads, can be analysed. This normally includes anti roll systems (i.e. fin stabilisers, bilge keels, anti roll tanks) .

Since Motoryachts always have to sail into the harbour on their own power in often relatively small harbours the manoeuvring aspects of a motor yacht are important. MARIN verifies the stringent demand on the manoeuvrability of your vessel.

The Trials & Monitoring Department is involved in full-scale measurements of ship performances, cavitation observation, pulse and loads measurements.

Facilities & Tools
Motor yachts are tested in the following MARIN facilities:

Motor yacht behaviour is simulated with the following tools: (SHIPMO, GULLIVER, FREDYN and SURSIM for MARIN internal use only)

Shipyards and designers for which study were undertaken over the last 6 years:

  • Amels
  • Benetti
  • Baglietto
  • Blohm & Voss
  • Codecasa
  • De Hoop – Lobith
  • Gerard Dijkstra & Partners
  • Feadship
  • Guy Couach
  • Heesen
  • Hoek design
  • Jongert
  • Marco shipyards
  • Mondomarine
  • Oceanco
  • Overmarine
  • Perini Navi
  • Royal Huisman
  • San Lorenzo
  • Van Oossanen & associates
  • Vripack
Most recent Motor yacht papers presented by MARIN
(complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

Past, Present and Future of Hydrodynamic Research for DP Applications
Hans Cozijn and Eelco Frickel, MTS DP Conference, 2015

An Advanced Thrust Allocation Algorithm for DP Applications, Taking into Account Interaction Effects and Physical Limitations
F. Arditti, J.L. Cozijn, E.F.G. van Daalen, OMAE, 2014

A Generic Optimization Algorithm for the Allocation of DP Actuators
E.F.G. van Daalen, J.L. Cozijn, C. Loussouarn, P.W. Hemker, OMAE Conference 2011, Rotterdam, 2011

Hydrodynamics of large motor yachts: Past and Future Developments
Hooijmans, P. and Gaillarde, G., 2nd International Symposium on design and production of motor and sail yachts (MDY06), Madrid, Spain, 2006

Hydrodynamics of large motor yachts: Past experience and future developments
Gaillarde, G., Toxopeus, S.L., Verwoest, T.F. and Hooijmans, P.M., ATMA - Association Technique Maritime et Aeronautique, Paris, France, 2004

Dynamic stall and cavitation of stabiliser fins and their influence on the ship behaviour
Gaillarde, G, FAST 2003, 2003

Pitch reduction in transit by using stabiliser fins
Gaillarde, G., the Modern Yacht - RINA conference, Southampton, 2003

Seakeeping of motor yachts and passenger discomfort
Dallinga R.P., Levadou M.L., Bos J.E. and Gumbs F., Project 2003, USA, 2003

Manoeuvring of megayachts: performance through model testing
Toxopeus, S.L., The Yacht Report, Issue 49, 2002

Dynamic behaviour and operational limits of stabilizer fins
Gaillarde G. , IMAM, Creta, 2002

Motor yacht articles written for MARIN Report
(complete overview of articles can be found under Publications)

Supporting silent ships: measuring underwater radiated noise from cavitating ship propellers
Frans Hendrik Lafeber, Thomas Lloyd & Johan Bosschers, MARIN Report, 2017

CoVadem: big data for smarter inland shipping
Meeuwis van Wirdum & Arno Bons, MARIN Report, 2017

MARINnovatief 2017 results in seven new exploratory projects
Timo Verwoest, MARIN Report, 2017

Free basin time for SME concept testing
Jaap de Wilde, MARIN Report, 2017

From fresh Breathe to hot Savannah
Enrico Della Valentina, MARIN Report, 2015

In-depth analysis of anti-roll tanks using CFD simulations
Maarten Kerkvliet, MARIN Report, 2015

Passage to the High North – when spray matters
MARIN Report, 2015

Motion based simulator for Dutch Navy – “FS3”
Noel Bovens, MARIN Report, 2015

Free concept testing well received by Dutch maritime innovators
Jaap de Wilde, MARIN Report, 2014

Significant upgrade of Anti Roll Tank (ART) design services
Michiel Gunsing, Bastien Abeil & Nicolas Carette, MARIN Report, 2013

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