The objective of the Yacht Team is to help to clients to get the maximum performance out of their motor yacht or sailing yacht. Our approach is discuss the wishes of our clients from an early stage of the design onto sea trials and solving problems that come-up during operation. Our knowledge is based on over 80 years of experience. We have a good overview of the criteria that are important to the yacht market, like speed, comfort and manoeuring. We combine these with MARIN’s extensive hydromechanical know-how and apply our tools and ship design experience to serve your project.

In design specification and (concept) design stages hydromechanical considerations have a great impact on the operational performance of a vessel during future services and missions. In the early project stages yacht team can support you in defining the right criteria. This can be done with a single consultancy contact person.

The consultants have their roots in the specialised disciplines of resistance, propulsion, seakeeping and manoeuvring. The integration between those traditional disciplines secures a superior synergy to assist your from an early design stage onto a comfortable sailing. Once the concept stage is finished, we build a model and test different aspects in one of our seven basins. Test could include the performance of a (sailing)yacht in waves, stabilising fins, comfort and accelerations, manoeuvring performance with respect to ITTC criteria or sustained speed. Finally we can help you - as an undependent party - to perform the sea-trials and advise on topict that might come up during operation.

All of MARIN’s expert knowledge, databases and numerical tools, which focus on yachts are available through this market team. The Yacht team is also taking care of the development of the MARIN e-business solutions, see, with the main goal of delivering MARIN applications in a web-based environment.
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The Yacht team:

Enrico Della Valentina<br>Yacht Coordinator/Senior Project Manager Enrico Della Valentina
Yacht Coordinator/Senior Project Manager
Rogier Eggers<br>Project Manager Rogier Eggers
Project Manager


Francisco Miguel Montero<br>Project Manager Francisco Miguel Montero
Project Manager
Jaume Hernandez Montfort<br>Project Manager Jaume Hernandez Montfort
Project Manager


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