General information
Rock dumping vessels transport and dump rocks of various sizes for offshore and coastal protection applications. The dumping can be done with a large crane, but also through the concepts of side stone dumping vessels and flexible fallpipe vessels.

Side stone dumping vessels sail to their destination, where shovels put the rock overboard at a steady pace. This rock dumping method is typically used in shallow water. Flexible fallpipe vessels are used in deep water, bringing the large amounts of rock in their holds. The rocks are dumped through a long and flexible fallpipe and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) makes sure the accurate dumping of the rocks.

Services & Activities
The Offshore Department has developed the DREDSIM simulation program to simulate the behaviour of Stone dumping vessels in waves. It allows the analysis of the motions of the vessel and their fall-pipe. Also the Dynamic Positioning capabilities can be analysed. This is all combined with a downtime analysis in a certain environment.

The Seakeeping Department can assist in the determination of the seakeeping behaviour while on transit, whereas the Manoeuvring Department can assist in the analysis of the manoeuvrability in shallow water and the Dynamic Tracking capabilities. Resistance and Powering can be assessed by the Ships Powering Department. The Trials & Monitoring Department is involved in full-scale measurements of ship performances.

Facilities & Tools
Rock Dumping Vessels are tested in the following MARIN facilities:

The behaviour of Rock Dumping Vessels is simulated with the following tools :
the following tools are for MARIN internal use only (DREDSIM, DPSIM, DIFFRAC, DRIFP and DYNFORC))

Software Sales
Some software tools are available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of these software tools for sale can be found under Software Sales.

Experience record
The list below gives a review of Rock Dumping Vessel model tests carried out at MARIN :

  • Free Sailing Manoeuvring Tests On the ‘Rockness’ (Van Oord ACZ Ship Management BV), 2002
  • Model Tests on a Rock Dumping Ship (Verolme Heusden BV), 1997
  • Resistance and Propulsion Tests on a Rock Dumping Vessel (Baggermaatschappij Boskalis BV), 1994
Most recent papers on Rock Dumping Vessels presented by MARIN
(complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

So far no entries have been published.

Most recent Rock Dumping Vessel articles written for MARIN Report
(complete overview of articles can be found under Publications)

In-depth analysis of anti-roll tanks using CFD simulations
Maarten Kerkvliet, MARIN Report, 2015

Significant upgrade of Anti Roll Tank (ART) design services
Michiel Gunsing, Bastien Abeil & Nicolas Carette, MARIN Report, 2013

Design for Sea - Design for Efficiency
Maarten Flikkema, MARIN Report, 2013

MARIN tests Fall Pipe Ship design for Boskalis
Frans Quadvlieg & Klaas Koooiker, MARIN Report, 2009

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