Special purpose vessels
As the name already suggests, this type of vessels are at sea for a special purpose. Their primary task is drilling for oil, laying cables, creating artificial islands, laying cables, installing wind turbines, an so on. These ships should be able to sail the sea as efficient and safe as possible, but should also be able to be keep position or to follow a certain track while on the job. The typical full hull form of these type of vessels, the use of thrusters and nozzled propellers and the requirements on dynamic positioning and workability require a special approach with respect to design, calculations and model tests. Issues which are usually addressed are flow separation, dynamic positioning capability, thruster-thruster and thruster-hull interaction, moonpool oscillations, loads on legs of jack-up vessels, seakeeping behaviour at transit and zero speed and dynamic tracking.

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The Special Purpose Vessel team:

Klaas Kooiker<br>Special Purpose Vessel Coordinator Klaas Kooiker
Special Purpose Vessel Coordinator
Jie Dang<br>Project Manager Powering Jie Dang
Project Manager Powering
Luigi Minerva<br>Project Manager Powering Luigi Minerva
Project Manager Powering

Luis Rueda<br>Project Manager Powering Luis Rueda
Project Manager Powering
Rink Hallmann<br>Project Manager Manoeuvring Rink Hallmann
Project Manager Manoeuvring
Rinnert van Basten Batenburg<br>Project Manager Seakeeping Rinnert van Basten Batenburg
Project Manager Seakeeping
Sanne van Essen<br>Project Manager Seakeeping Sanne van Essen
Project Manager Seakeeping
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