MARIN has been involved in the developments of naval vessels for a long time. The list of vessel types investigated includes Aircraft Carriers, Frigates, Destroyers, Mine Sweepers, Submarines and Patrol Vessels. Since its beginning in 1932 the Royal Dutch Navy has been an important costumer of MARIN; all Dutch navy vessels were developed in close cooperation. Since 1989 MARIN leads a group of Navies and a Coast Guard in dynamic stability research within the Cooperative Research Navies Group (CRN). Commercial work is performed in strict confidence with numerous shipyards, designing and building ships for their national navy and also international costumers. MARIN is an experienced and reliable partner for investigating all relevant hydrodynamic issues in naval vessel design and operation.

The Navy team is involved in all hydrodynamic disciplines required for navy ship design and operational use. Typical design work includes hull form optimization and predicting the powering performance as well as the propulsor performance taking cavitation and noise requirements into account. Design and verification occurs on the stringent demands of controllability, i.e. the steering ability and ship & platform motions. Workability, loads and operation in extreme weather are considered, incorporating safety, survivability and (damaged) stability aspects. Sea-based operations investigated include helicopter landing, launch and recovery of RHIBS, LCU’s and unmanned vehicles. Transit and harbor manoeuvres are other important topics covered. Training of the crew and simulation of special situations are performed together with Nautical Centre MSCN and finally full-scale measurements are performed by the Trials & Monitoring Department.

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The Navy team:

Frans Kremer<br>Navy Coordinator<br> &nbsp; Frans Kremer
Navy Coordinator
Gert Jan Zondervan<br>Project Manager<br>Powering Gert Jan Zondervan
Project Manager
Frans van Walree<br>Project Manager<br>Seakeeping Frans van Walree
Project Manager
Nicolas Carette<br>Project Manager<br>Seakeeping Nicolas Carette
Project Manager
Pepijn de Jong<br>Project Manager Seakeeping Pepijn de Jong
Project Manager Seakeeping
Roberto Tonelli<br>Project Manager Manoeuvring Roberto Tonelli
Project Manager Manoeuvring
Bas Overpelt<br>Project Manager Manoeuvring Bas Overpelt
Project Manager Manoeuvring
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