Merchant vessels & Work boats
MARIN has been an important partner in the developments of merchant vessels and workboats. With its over 75 years of expertise in the field of hydrodynamics it assists the industry in the design and operation of safe and economical vessels. Careful analysis of the calm water performance, seakeeping behaviour and manoeuvrability of a vessel is of vital importance to the feasibility, safety and economics of a project. The integration of these kinds of aspects can make a vessel efficient, comfortable and safe. Therefore a lot of clients involve MARIN in the beginning of a project, so the hydrodynamic challenges can be identified early and advice given on the concept.

Starting in an early stage of the design, speed power predictions can be made to check whether the attainable trial speed can be met or not. Further optimising a vessel for calm water performance using potential flow and viscous flow CFD codes to optimise the hull and propeller design goes hand in hand with seakeeping calculations for a first estimate of the behaviour in waves and manoeuvring simulations to check whether the vessel is expected to meet the IMO regulations or dynamic positioning requirements. Further, voyage simulation and downtime analysis are made to maximize the operability of a vessel and to optimise the efficiency with respect to fuel consumption and punctuality of a trade service. By means of model tests the targets can be evaluated. A complete range of activities can be explored: propulsive performance, propeller and rudder cavitation, hull pressures, behaviour in waves, parametric rolling, human comfort , downtime analysis, impact loading (slamming and greenwater), course keeping and directional stability.

We have generalists who support solving larger order problems - for example, the integration of hydrodynamic aspects in the total scope of the project. And we have specialists who support solving detailed hydrodynamic problems. Both groups are involved in industrial projects and basic research, and receive regular training to keep abreast of the latest developments. The merchant vessels and workboats division of MARIN has knowledge available on bulk carriers, tankers, container vessels, LNG and LPG carriers, car carriers, Ro-Ro vessels, small workboats, supply vessels, research vessels and support vessels, crew tenders.

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The Merchant Vessel & Workboat Team:

Patrick Hooijmans<br>Merchant Vessel & Workboat Coordinator Patrick Hooijmans
Merchant Vessel & Workboat Coordinator
Gerco Hagesteijn<br>Project Manager Powering Gerco Hagesteijn
Project Manager Powering
Bastien Abeil<br>Project Manager Seakeeping Bastien Abeil
Project Manager Seakeeping
Michiel Gunsing<br>Project Manager Seakeeping Michiel Gunsing
Project Manager Seakeeping
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