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Hydrodynamic and nautical training are an important way to make our accumulated know-how and experience available for the maritime sector.

Several types of training are available in different domains:

Nautical training at MSCN
The nautical trainings at MSCN comprise specialised training for the maritime professional world, i.e. pilots, ship officers, tug masters and offshore personnel. The MSCN trainings are dedicated trainings specially developed to the client wishes, focusing on specific required aspects. During the trainings instructors operate the simulator(s) and (de)brief the participants. The instructors are carefully chosen for a project on experience and type of simulation. The MSCN instructors have all proven themselves at sea as Master Mariners. Often a feasibility study is performed prior to training.

The following aspects are often addressed in the trainings:

  • (Complex) maritime operations, i.e. offloading FPSO and escorting,
  • Port developments, for example a new harbour basin or berth,
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of a required design vessel,
  • Understanding the interaction effects such as back suction, wash, etc.
To be able to provide complex realistic simulation environments the accurate modelling of the simulated vessels and environment is essential. The accurate modelling is therefore based on high end hydrodynamic data derived directly from model tests held at MARIN. Also real-life phenomena such as back suction, squat and trim are depth/draft dependent modelled. Further information on the simulators can be found here.

The following leaflets are examples of provided trainings:

A list of all provided trainings is presented here.

Applied hydrodynamics courses
MARIN organises courses in applied hydrodynamics to assimilate knowledge to the maritime and offshore industry.

These courses focus on hydrodynamic design of ships and offshore structures and are organised on a regular basis in Wageningen and Houston (USA).

For the latest courses please visit our the courses topic on our event calendar.

Expert training as part of Technology Transfer
MARIN provides access to their expertise on hydrodynamic laboratories for third parties as part of Technology Transfer.

This expertise ranges from consultancy on general facility specifications, through conceptual and detailed design assistance with equipment specifications, to supply of instrumentation, data acquisition equipment & software and training for the operation of a hydrodynamic testing lab, including systems integration support.

For more information on training for the operation of a hydrodynamic testing lab, please contact Technology Transfer

Simulator and software training
Simulator and software sales are activities of the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG).

Simulator sales
Besides the available simulators and training on simulators at MSCN, different kind of bridge simulators can be bought and delivered on site. These simulators can be delivered together with on site instructors training. More information can be found under Simulator Sales .

Software sales
Furthermore, some of the software tools used during training are available for commercial use outside MARIN. For most tools delivery can be combined with an introduction course. Moreover, some tools are only available with mandatory expert training. A complete overview can be found under Software Sales .

For more information on Nautical training, please contact the MSCN department.
For more information on our applied hydrodynamics courses, please contact
For more information on training for the operation of a hydrodynamic testing lab, please contact Technology Transfer
For more information on training for simulator instructors and software use, please contact the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG)

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