Model testing
General information
For its service to the industry on the area of model testing, MARIN offers a complete range of six dedicated basins. Tests with scale models under realistic conditions remain invaluable as an accurate and objective way to quantify and demonstrate the behaviour and performance of a ship or structure. In view of this, MARIN recently built a new offshore and a new seakeeping & manoeuvring basin and upgraded the Depressurised Towing Tank. In addition to the basins, the in-house facilities include model-making and production tooling using numerically controlled machines, development labs with electronics, mechanical and software engineers and of course our highly-skilled hydrodynamic experts, are used to ensure high end model testing. Furthermore our services are based on experience with nearly 8,000 ships, and this data base is extended with a vast amount of significant ships each year. The hands-on experience includes a wide range of ship types and propulsion units, conventional and innovative. An important asset is knowledge about the correlation between model predictions and full-scale results, which is cross-referenced often.

For model testing the following MARIN facilities are used:

  • Deep Water Basin: resistance and powering performance testing
  • Depressurised Towing Tank (DTT): Propeller cavitation and hull-pressure measurements made on the same, large ship model as used for powering performance testing
  • Shallow Water Basin: Shallow water powering performance.
  • Cavitation Tunnel (CT): Same type of testing using so-called “dummy” models with realistic afterbody geometry.
  • Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin: seakeeping and manoeuvring behaviour.
  • Offshore Basin: Load-on and Load-off procedures in exposed weather, deck mating operations in which production facilities are placed on their support structure.
  • Concept Basin: high-speed vessels and risers at high Reynold's numbers
Software Sales
Some software tools are available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of these software tools for sale can be found under Software Sales.

For more information on model testing at MARIN, please contact:

For resistance and propulsion issues: Resistance & Propulsion
For propulsion and cavitation issues: Propulsion & Cavitation
For manoeuvring issues: Manoeuvring
For Offshore issues: Offshore
For stability and seakeeping issues: Seakeeping

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