Operational Procedures
General information
Operational procedures are an important guide for operations in which safety plays a crucial role. In the operational procedures the limits of the operations are defined and in case of an emergency, how to respond. A perfect tool to validate the operational procedures on practical value is to perform the operations on real time simulators. The operations can be conducted in extreme environmental conditions (such as ripe tides, squals, etc) and/or with emergencies. The operators can validate, fine tune and practice the procedures unlimited improving the safety of the operation.

Services & Activities
MSCN provides the required simulation environment to validate, fine tune and practice the operational procedures. The operational procedures can either be submitted by the client or can be determined through accident investigations and/or a manoeuvring capability study. All required aspects to validate the operational procedures can be incorporated in the simulations, such as emergencies, extreme weather environments, complex hydrodynamic effects and even BRM (Bridge Resource Managements) aspects.
Once the operational procedures are validated by experienced operators, other operators can be trained.

Facilities & Tools
Operational procedure studies are carried out in the following MARIN facilities:

Software Sales
Some software tools are available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of these software tools for sale can be found under Sales.

The list below gives a review of projects carried out at MARIN regarding operational procedure studies:

The following Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) were focussed on operational procedures:

Most recent papers on operational procedure studies presented by MARIN
(A complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

Most recent articles on operational procedure studies written for MARIN Report:
(A complete overview of articles can be found under Publications)

For more information on how MARIN can help your organisation with establishing operational procedures, please contact the MSCN Department .

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