Accident investigations
General information
Maritime accidents often occur in unforeseen conditions in which environmental, mechanical and/or human aspects play a significant role. One or more of these aspects can cause the accident and not rarely a combination of aspects are the cause following Murphy’s Law.

Accidents investigations reconstruct the accident to be able to understand the cause(s). Once understood, regulations can be applied to prevent future accidents or the outcome can be used in legal aspects.

Services & Activities
MARIN’s Nautical Centre, MSCN performs accident investigations by reconstructing the accident through desktop and/or simulations. Prior to the simulations all available data is studied and verified (desk study). Based upon this data and the manoeuvring characteristics of the vessels involved, MSCN provides an independent opinion on the cause of a maritime accident. In the nautical studies high end mathematical manoeuvring models (e.g. vessel, tug or any other floating object) are used for simulation which are well fit for complex hydrodynamic accident investigations. When required, hydrodynamic data of in house performed model tests can be implemented, increasing the accuracy of the behaviour of the vessel(s) involved.

Facilities & Tools
Maritime accident investigation studies are performed with:
Software Sales
The Fast Time simulations are performed with the use of SHIPMA. This software is available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of software tools for sale can be found under Sales.

The list below gives a review of such projects carried out at MARIN and which are allowed to be made public:
  • Estonia
  • Derbyshire
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