At MARIN, simulations go hand-in-hand with model experiments. In the past, simulation software was developed for different application fields separately. Recently, the decision was taken to base all simulation software on a common architecture: XMF. The eXtensible Modelling Framework (XMF) is MARIN’s framework to develop simulation components and simulator applications.
XMF is a software architecture using a graph technology for structuring application code introducing a high level of flexibility and extensibility.
Because of the flexibility of graphs, gradual restructuring can be realised for existing and new simulation software code and eventually simulation systems. By using a clear functionality layering, the resulting application can easily be integrated in other simulation software or systems with minimal effort and without changing the core of the code and even facilitating the integration efforts.

A key ingredient of simulation software is the modelling of control devices. These devices should act as realistically as possible, including phase lack, forbidden zones, interactions, etc. Also in model tests these devices should have realistic characteristics. This means that they cannot just be scale from a hydrodynamic point of view, but that also the drive train and software needs to be adapted.

This research programme aims to create generic frameworks and models to be used in all kind of simulations and in measurements.