Multi-phase flows
This subprogramme is focusing on the characteristics of multiphase flows. Within this special programme, a focus is placed on the effect of water quality on acoustic source strength and transmission path and impedance.

Having a fundamental understanding of multiphase flows to improve predictions and analysis of cavitation, ventilation and air lubrication.

State of the art
Much has been learned on the mechanism of radiated pressure fluctuations. Tonal excitation expressed in Blade Rate Frequencies is better understood and currently PhD studies are well underway to better understand broadband excitation.
The renovated DWB with wave makers is an excellent and unique laboratory to investigate the physics of ventilation. Pilot tests on ventilation of propellers have successfully been carried out.

Vision 2016
Be able to quantify the water properties on model scale and understand mechanisms of air lubrication.

Vision 2020
Assess all forms of cavitation nuisance, relate water properties to cavitation nuisance and compute and verify effectiveness of air lubrication.

Example applications
  • Improved prediction of cavitation inception
  • Modelling of air lubrication in CFD
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