Moving objects
The mission of this subprogramme is, modelling of flow-induced motions. On the one hand this requires a coupling of the flow solver with the equations of motion; on the other hand, the subprogramme also encompasses the development of the option to work with deformable grids, to enable computation of multiple objects moving independently in close proximity. On a somewhat longer term, limited deformations of objects will also be addressed.

Development of the ReFRESCO code for computing the flow-induced motions of single or multiple objects with or without deformations.

State of the art
At present, the ReFRESCO code has been coupled with equations of motion for 3 degrees of freedom, with some limitations. This will be extended and generalised. Also, the deforming-grids capability has already largely been realised and only needs to be extended.

Vision 2016
Able to compute the flow around moving rigid objects by coupling ReFRESCO with the 6DOF equations of motion and time-domain simulation tools, with capability for grid deformations.

Vision 2020
Able to calculate the flow around moving deformable objects for limited deformation modes and/or explicit coupling, and possible development of overlapping grids.

Example applications
  • VIV, VIM computations
  • Wave energy converters
  • Flexible stabiliser fins
  • Motions of multiple bodies in close proximity
  • Crabbing
  • Roll damping
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