CFD Development
The research program ‘CFD development’ mainly concerns the development of CFD tools for computing the flow around ships and maritime structures. The program encompasses the more generic part of the development, in principle not specific extensions or validations for particular applications. The tools are being used in other research programs and practical projects.

There are 7 subprograms:

  • Basis functionality, encompassing the development of aspects of the codes common to most applications
  • Moving objects, on the development of the option to compute motions of objects induced by the flow or waves; including the development of the code for use of deforming grids, required for multiple objects moving in close proximity
  • Free-surface flows, for developments needed for accurate computation of free surface problems
  • Adaptivity, concerning the development of the code towards automatic grid refinement / coarsening, and the investigation of refinement criteria
  • Grid generation, a limited subprogram devoted to study and improvement of grid generation methods
  • CFD-based optimisation, creating the possibility to optimise designs based on series of CFD computations
  • Geometry, on the implementation of dedicated geometry tools for ships, propellers and other objects, essential for model manufacture, CFD and other applications
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