MARIN Technology Plan
In the course of 2012 MARIN decided to renew its Technology Plan, even though the current plan was only halfway through its plan-period. The main reasons were the Maritime Innovation Contract, and the subsequent update of the MARIN Strategy.

The Maritime Innovation Contract consists of innovation themes and research fields. MARIN’s Joint Industry projects serve as catalyst for the targeted innovation. The MARIN internal research projects (ARD) build the foundation for these JIPs. MARIN has chosen to organise its research along the lines of research fields (and sub areas) defined in the Innovation contract.

In 2011, MARIN established a new strategy for the coming five-year period. In this strategy, hull-ice interaction and concept design are identified as new market opportunities. Furthermore, a shift towards the joint use of numerical simulation techniques, complex model tests and special measurement techniques is foreseen.

Reflecting on the Innovation contract and the MARIN strategy, the research is organised along the following programmes:

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