Sloshing and scaling: results from the Sloshel project
Author Bogaert, H., LĂ©onard S., Brosset, L. and Kaminski, M.L.
Title Sloshing and scaling: results from the Sloshel project
Conference/Journal ISOPE 20th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Beijing, China
Month June
Year 2010

At the turn of 2007 full scale wave impact tests have been carried out
by MARIN in the frame of the Sloshel project. Unidirectional breaking
waves were generated in a flume in order to impact an instrumented
transverse wall with embedded test structures. The main goals of these
tests were to study the hydro-elastic effects associated with the NO96
membrane containment system for LNG carriers and to create a sound
database for validation of numerical simulations. The preliminary
results were overviewed in 2009 by Brosset et al. Since then the full
scale tests have been repeated at scale 1 to 6 in order to study the
scaling effects. These tests are referred to as the large scale tests.

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