Author Bas Buchner and Koos Hoefakker (MARIN)
Title Simulations and Model Testing on a Wave Engergy Converter based on Inverse Offshore Engineering
Conference/Journal 16th Offshore Symposium, Texas Section SNAME
Month February
Year 2010

To use its ship and offshore hydrodynamic expertise for the development of renewable energy, MARIN started the development of the ‘Inverse Concept’ or ‘Green Water Concept’ for wave energy conversion. The concept is a combination of ‘heaving’ or ‘pitching’ concepts (making use if the relative motions with respect to the seabed) and ‘overtopping’ concepts (where the overtopping wave flow is collected in a reservoir and used to generate electricity through a turbine). Beside the fact that the concept itself might be a feasible wave energy converter, it also allows the detailed study of several types of wave energy converter systems at once. As MARIN wants to assist the development of all types of wave energy devices and not just develop the Green Water Concept, the development of knowledge is the main driver for this activity.

The Green Water Concept was initially developed using diffraction theory and Volume of Fluid (VOF) simulations. The present paper presents these simulations and the pilot model tests that were carried out to better understand the physics and the related behaviour of the system. These tests also included the initial modelling of an electrical and hydraulic Power Take Off (PTO). The accurate modelling of a PTO is an important aspect in testing of wave energy conversion concepts numerically and in a wave tank: at the moment that energy is converted into electricity in the PTO, the hydrodynamic behaviour of the structure is changing.

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