Author W. Uitterhoeve, M.Croes-Schalken, D. ten Hove
Title Physiological Measurement Applied in Maritime Simulations: A Newly Developped Method to Measure Workload on Board of Ships
Conference/Journal HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA
Month January
Year 2011

This article describes a method to measure the effects of workload and human performance on board of ships in navigation tasks. Physiological measurements and both objective and subjective observations were executed simultaneously. The added value in this design is the interpretation of physiological results together with the subjective and objective evaluation of experienced workload and performance. As all of the parameters separately are not indicated as absolute values to rule on workload, combining physiological information with subjective and objective observations leads to a more pronounced insight in workload. With this developed method entering a new terrain is possible, where scientific research of human performance is applied in nautical navigation.

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