Author Bosschers, J.
Title On the influence of viscous effects on 2-D cavitating vortices
Conference/Journal 9th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Shanghai, China
Paper no. H2-6-W119
Month October
Year 2010
Pages 805-812

This paper describes the influence of viscous effects on an axisymmetric cavitating vortex in 2-D viscous incompressible flow in steady and unsteady conditions. A computational model is presented that solves for the cavity motion and the circumferential velocity distribution. Results are shown for the relation between cavity radius and cavitation number for steady flow including a comparison with experimental data. Unsteady simulations show that viscous effects have an influence on the resonance frequency of the cavitating vortex and show how the vortex cavity and circumferential velocity behave when subjected to a pressure change.
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