Author B. Blocken (Univ.Eindhoven), A. van der Hout (Deltares), J. Dekker (MARIN), O. Weiler (Deltares)
Title Numerical analysis of wind environmental conditions in an entrance channel in Galicia, Spain
Conference/Journal Proceedings of the Developments in Marine CFD (RINA)
Month March
Year 2011

An analysis of wind environmental conditions in the entrance channel of Ria de Ferrol in Galicia,
Spain has been conducted with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The aim of the study is to
provide input for real-time manoeuvring simulations to evaluate accessing the LNG terminal
with larger LNG carriers. The entrance channel is enclosed by irregular hilly terrain, which is expected to yield complex wind environmental conditions in the channel and complex forces on the
LNG carriers. The simulations are performed with the 3D steady Reynolds-averaged Navier-
Stokes (RANS) equations and the realizable k-e model. The simulation results of mean wind
speed and direction are generally within 10% of the on-site measurements. Both the simulation
and the measurement results illustrate the complex wind-flow patterns and the funnelling effect
by the topography on the wind.

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