New Joint Industry Project on Wind Ship Propulsion (WISP)

In cooperation with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), MARIN is proposing a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to investigate and explore ways of overcoming barriers to the uptake of wind assisted ship propulsion. The proposal was first mooted during BlueWeek last April.

The objective of the WISP JIP is specifically to:
- Determine baseline methods for transparent performance prediction, which would be proposed as industry standards;
- Use the methods to provide predictions for shipowners/operators for their fleet;
- Review current status of rules and regulations for wind propulsors, identify gaps and make recommendations, and provide examples on establishing compliance.

The aim is to cover the majority of all marketed, wind-assisted ship propulsors. We are seeking participation from a broad representation of the industry. Prospective providers of wind propulsor devices are the first target group and integrators such as designers and shipyards are welcome. As conventional propulsion operates differently in wind propulsion, suppliers in that field are also invited. Finally, flag states, classification societies
and research institutes complement the group. You are welcome to participate in discussions concerning the initial stage of developing this JIP. A detailed research proposal will be developed together with the
potential JIP partners to reflect their research interests and expertise.

Interested? Please visit the WISP webpage through or contact Rogier Eggers.

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