Author Janou Hennig and Jule Scharnke (MARIN)
Title Effect of Variations in Calibrated Wave Parameters on Wave Crest and Height Distributions
Conference/Journal OMAE Conference, Shanghai
Paper no. OMAE2010-20304
Month June
Year 2010

In common model test practice, wave power spectra are calibrated prior to the actual model tests. The resulting wave crest and height distributions can be determined from the measured wave time traces at different reference location in the basin but they are not calibrated purposely. The corresponding wave group spectra follow from the wave power spectra together with arbitrarily chosen wave seeds applied to the wave trains. As an alternative approach, the seeds which give the highest and lowest wave group spectra can be applied in the tests. In this paper, results of wave measurements in MARIN’s Shallow Water Basin are presented which include a variation in water depth, wave seed (group spectrum) and location of measurement for the same initial wave power spectrum. The resulting wave crest and height distributions at different wave basin locations are analyzed and compared to theoretical distribution functions. A discussion of possible reasons for differences between theory and measurement concludes the investigation.

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