Damen ATD Tug 2412 Twin Fin Concept
Author Boudesteijn, C., Mathôt, J., de Jong, J. and Quadvlieg, F.H.H.A.
Title Damen ATD Tug 2412 Twin Fin Concept
Conference/Journal 21st International Tug & Salvage Convention and Exhibition (ITS), Vancouver, BC
Paper no. 7
Month May
Year 2010

Since 1927, Damen has had a reputation for building compact tugs and workboats. As technology has developed and the size and scale of towage operations have increased, customer requirements have also changed. This has resulted in demands for greater power and even more compact vessels to attend ships manoeuvring in and out of port. At the same time, the towage industry is being forced to reduce capital expenditure and tower operational costs in order to remain competitive. The demands for higher power within a small vessel, along with lower initial and operational costs, all contribute to an on-going search for more efficient use of power within confined physical boundaries.
With the development of the ASD 2411 (presented at ITS 2002) the design for the first compact but high-powered harbour tug was presented. Now, eight years later, more than 50 have been delivered worldwide: evidence of serious market interest in the compact tug concept. However, with a minimal length over beam ratio, directional stability becomes a challenge, especially in the case of a compact tractor drive tug.
This paper describes the development of the new Twin Fin tractor tug design, and the results of the model test programme. The objective was to achieve perfect manoeuvring performance and at the same time perfect course stability. The single skeg ATD Tug 2412 was already a remarkable success and now the new Twin Fin configuration is set to make the new tractor tug industry benchmark.

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