Author Stern, F., Toxopeus, S.L., Visonneau, M., Guilmineau, E., Lin, W.-M. and Grigoropoulos, G.
Title CFD, Potential Flow, and System-Based Simulations of Course Keeping in Calm Water and Seakeeping in Regular Waves for 5415M
Conference/Journal NATO AVT-189 Specialists Meeting on "Assessment of Stability and Control Prediction Methods for NATO Air and Sea Vehicles", Portsdown-West, UK
Paper no. MP-AVT-189-08
Month October
Year 2011

CFD, potential flow and system-based methods are validated for ship course keeping in calm water and seakeeping in waves. In calm water, a self-propelled free model of 5415M appended with passive, active or no fin stabilizers under either damped or forced roll is simulated using different methods. The forced roll is induced by either forced rudder motion or forced fin motion. In the presence of waves, the 6DOF motions of the model appended with active fins are simulated in regular head waves, regular beam waves and quartering bi-chromatic waves. The predictions for all methods are validated with the extensive data provided by MARIN for ship motions and forces and moments on the appendages such as rudders, fins and bilge keels. The results are investigated with consideration to the mathematical model of ship motions and the high fidelity results are used to explain some of the complex physics. The course keeping and seakeeping of the model, the reduction rate of the roll motion, the effectiveness of the fin stabilizers as roll reduction device and the interaction of the roll motion with other motions are also investigated.

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