Author Van der Ploeg, A.
Title A Comparison of Several Strategies to Optimize a Ship's Aft Body
Conference/Journal Journal of Ship Production and Design
Month November
Year 2011
Volume 27
Number 4
Pages 202-211

This paper describes a procedure to optimize ship hull forms, based on double body viscous flow computations with PARNASSOS. A flexible and effective definition of parametric hull form variations is used, based on interpolation between basis hull forms. One of the object functions is an estimate of the required power. In this paper we will focus on how to improve this estimate, by using the B-series of propellers. Results of systematic variations applied to the VIRTUE tanker together with scale effects in the computed trends will be discussed. In addition, we will demonstrate how the techniques discussed in this paper can be used to design a model that has a wake field that strongly resembles the wake of a given containership ship at full scale.
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