Wind, Wave, and Current Loads on Semisubmersibles
Author F. Van Walree and H.J.J. Van den Boom, MARIN
Title Wind, Wave, and Current Loads on Semisubmersibles
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC1991-6521
Year 1991

Prediction of environmental forces on offshore structures is indispensable in the design and engineering stage. Evaluation and dimensioning of mooring and/or dynamic positioning systems require accurate information on both the mean forces and the dynamic loading.

For semi-submersibles the complicated non-streamline geometry was normally prohibitive for calculating such environmental loads. Based on systematic wind tunnel tests, model tests and diffraction analysis a practical calculation procedure has been developed recently. The method is based on a component building block approach with special attention paid to component interaction and lift force effects.

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